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It was what I had become used to and what I expected from her at first.It didn’t take long for me to become accustomed to the idea that while she was the dominant one in the bedroom, it just wasn’t the same type of dominance that I could have expected from a man.Unlike her predecessors, she didn’t want to tell me what to do in bed, and it took me a little while to get used to that fact, and a little longer to get her used to the idea that I would enjoy having her do that to me.

She could, with her ability, simply have pushed her pussy into my face with the instruction “Lick this, bitch,” and backed it up by waving her Wolvers or Cats Claws in front my eyes.I knew that fact, just as well as she did.It would never have happened of course, and we both knew that as well.

I also knew that if I’d looked up at her and replied, “If you want that thing licking, you can go and wash it out first,” I could be certain that she’d have gone into the bathroom and done exactly that.She’d have taken the head off the shower, and inserted that inside herself, and literally washed herself out if it was what she thought I wanted.I was quite used to the taste of my young lover’s honeypot by then, I’d just never licked semen from it before.

If any of the girls I went to school with had told me that when I grew up I’d become accustomed to the taste of pussy, not to mention actually enjoy licking one, I’d have laughed at her.If she wasn’t as big as I was, I may well have punched her lights out for the insult.Ironic really, wasn’t it?

We both played the role of the dominatrix later in our time together, but I emphasize the word ‘played’, and only for fun.The first time wasn’t until after this night, but this is as good a place as any to include the account of what happened.

(The idea was mine, as you might expect and it was something I’d read in a book.The book purported to be the memoirs of a rich man’s submissive sex-slave.She was willing to be what she was, and claimed to quite enjoy being his slave.

I’d first read the book a couple of years before I met Erika, because it was good masturbation material, and at the time, with the odd exception, my fingers and toys were all I could usually get for sexual pleasure.I didn’t know if Erika would cope, psychologically, with dominating me, when I asked her to read the book, and consider becoming my Mistress.I thought that she might react badly to being asked to treat me the way the man in the book used to treat the woman in the book.

As it turned out, though, Erika agreed to at least try what I wanted, but she made me no promises; saying that if she didn’t like doing it the first time, then she wouldn’t do it again.I accepted Erika’s terms without question, and we experimented behind closed doors.Neither of us really knew how to do what we intended; after all, all we had was what was in the book, and in our imaginations.Each of us settled comfortably into her role in the sex fantasy, and it worked out fine for both of us.I thoroughly enjoyed pandering to my Mistress’ whims, and obeying her orders in the bedroom.It was such wonderful fun being dominated like that!

The first time I was dominated by my new Mistress was completely out of the blue!Just the previous night, Erika had told me that she wasn’t ready for the role just yet.I got home after doing what I did, and as I walked past the chair she was sitting on, she grabbed my closest hand to stop me.She asked me where I thought I was going.When I told her I was going to shower, as usual, she replied, “No you’re fucking not!”
I was shocked, as much by the words as the tone of voice, and asked what she meant.“What do I mean, you stupid fucking bitch?I mean that you are not going into the fucking shower just yet; I’ve got other plans for you.You can go into the shower with me, after I’ve fucked the living daylights out of you!You’re going to take your knickers off, get your tits out, drop down onto your knees, and bend over the arm of couch, and you’re going to do it now, or you’ll be punished.”

For a moment I froze, and Mistress quickly reminded me of my place.“Don’t just fucking stand there, bitch; do what you’re told!If I have to get up, and drag you to the couch, to bend you over the arm, I’ll make you regret it; fucking bitch!Get your fucking knickers off, bend over the couch arm, and get those legs apart for me.Now, you dirty piece of French ass!”

I replied, “Yes Mistress;” quickly did as Mistress ordered, and the night was far more fun than I’d had; even with Erika when she wasn’t being ‘Mistress’.Erika was completely in charge that night, giving me no choice in what happened.We’d already talked things over, and we agreed that if I addressed Erika as ‘Erika,’ she would take whatever I said very seriously.That was the key ‘safe’ word in any sentence.If I didn’t use it, Erika was welcome to ignore anything and everything I said; anything I told her I didn’t want to do, if she wanted to ignore it.

At one point, Erika wanted to do me up the bum, and I told ‘Mistress’ that I didn’t want to do it.Seeing as I hadn’t used the ‘safe’ word in my protest, Erika knew that she could ignore my protest, because I didn’t actually mean it.She slapped me across the backside and said something like, “Shut the fuck up, you stupid blonde cunt!I paid a considerable sum of money for your cute blonde ass and I’ll fuck you up it whenever I feel like it!If I want to shove the rubber cock up your sweet ass, twice a day, every day, then I will and the sooner you learn your place, and do what you’re told, the better it’ll be for you.You’re my fuck-puppet, and don’t you ever forget it.I’m not a violent woman at heart, but if you make me, I’ll beat you daily until you obey without question, the way a slave should!”
	Kneeling at Mistress’ feet, bent over the arm of the couch as she rubbed some artificial lubricant into my bum, I looked straight into Mistress; eyes and, in my most submissive voice half-whispered, “Please Mistress, don’t fuck me that way.”

It had no effect on my Mistress, the way I knew it wouldn’t, and the way I really didn’t want it to have any effect.

Miss. Average would have objected, and rightly so, at being made to do what her partner wanted, in the way I had been ‘made’ to do what my lover wanted, but I made no complaints.The night was more pleasurable than I had ever imagined possible.At no point during the night had I done anything new, but it seemed so different to my usual types of sex; forced, paid or voluntary.

When we were in bed that night, we talked, in subdued voices, about what had taken place.‘Mistress’ felt a little guilty at first, but I soon convinced her that she could be ‘Mistress’ every night if she wanted to be.I’d enjoyed being Erika’s sex slave for the night, and told her that if she promised me pleasure like that again, I’d be her willing slave whenever she wanted me to be.I’d be her slave every night if she asked me to be, and made it pleasurable for me, the way she would.)